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BOWAS-INDUPLAN CHEMIE Ges. m.b.H., originally founded in 1974 as Induplan Chemie Ges.m.b.H. is a company specialised in design, planning and construction of plants for the chemical and explosives industry.


BOWAS-INDUPLAN is an independent company owned by the BOHLEN INDUSTRIE, an internationally orientated holding company controlled by the Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach family. This enables BOWAS-INDUPLAN to make use of the resources and experience of a wide range of production plants, the practical manufacturing expertise of the associated companies and international cooperation partners. BOWAS-INDUPLAN's own process know-how, enlarged by the activities of the WASAG engineering group as well as the experience of production and sales from associated companies within the Bohlen Industrie and our cooperation partners, forms a solid base for the design, planning and construction of plants which are in use in almost all parts of the world.


BOWAS-INDUPLAN has already successfully completed over 250 projects for the chemical and explosives industry in more than 35 countries in the world. Our main activities are either covered by our own process know-how, experiences gained within the BOHLEN group or by cooperation with leading companies. Only thoroughly proven processes and equipment will be incorporated into plants designed and supplied by BOWAS-INDUPLAN.

Survey on plants supplied by BOWAS-INDUPLAN

Linters treatment Nitrocellulose Nitroguanidine Acid reconcentration Waste gas cleaning / Waste water treatment in explosives factories Single-base propellants, solvent and solventless double-base and multibase propellants Ball grain powder Black powder Paste and Mastermix Combustible cartridges DNT, TNT NTO NGL, EGDN, DEGN PETN RDX PBX Initiating explosives Filling plants including biscuit plants Single machines and technology for propellant plants such as shear roll mill, isostatic blocking, batch and continuous extrusion, graining device, cutting machines, etc. Rock explosives Permitted explosives Safety fuzes Detonating cords Survey on plants supplied by BOWAS-INDUPLAN


BOWAS-INDUPLAN provides the complete range of services following the principle "Everything from one supplier" for plants for the chemical and explosives industry: Feasibility studies Project management Basic and detail engineering Procurement, manufacturing, inspection and shipment of equipment Process know-how, transfer of technology Supervision, installation, start-up Training of personnel Apart from the planning and construction of completely new plants also on the basis of turn-key projects , BOWASINDUPLAN is involved in the modernization of existing plants with emphasis on safety, saving of raw materials, economy in energy and personnel needs as well as on the particular requirements of environmental protection.

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